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Hi, we’re Etch

A small team of designers and developers, who help brands with big ideas.

Our studio

We’ve created an environment that fosters enthusiasm and lets everyone work to their full potential.

  • A relaxing place to think, read and write.

  • Dan watching Gav do all the work.

  • Craig, deep in thought.

  • Our neighbours are lucky that the volume on our 70s record player isn't too loud.

  • Nice socks Dan.

  • No meeting is complete without coffee and cake.

  • Our building still has it's original features from the 17th Century.

  • We're always adding to our list of app ideas.

  • Plants don't last long in our place.

  • We like a clutter free workstation.

  • We watch a lot of TED talks.

  • 27inch iMacs FTW.

  • You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find the perfect rug.

  • Best cushion ever!

  • Our most played record is 'Kool & The Gang - Celebration' (the spanish version)

  • Our office is hidden away down a quiet side street.

  • When the weathers nice we open these doors to let some fresh air in.

Our team

2 Developers, 1 Designer, and 1 person counting the pennies.

How we work

We want to make a difference – create things that change people’s lives.

  • We move fast – working in short instinctive sprints, validating our decisions along the way.

  • We see it as our responsibility to keep the web moving forwards.

  • We like to add value – consider us as partners and involve us early in the thinking.

  • We set the right foundations so you’re ready for tomorrow. Reusable code, responsive layouts, content first.

What we do

Like craftsmen, we care about what we do. Each pixel refined, every line of code considered.

  • App Development

    We design & build apps for the Web, iOS and Android.

  • Interface Design

    We make intuitive interfaces for devices big and small.

  • Website Design

    We deliver intelligent full builds for adventurous brands.

  • Code and Resources

    We create robust code and useful resources, and share them with the industry.

Featured Projects